Another Cold Day in Ocean City, Maryland

January 27, 2014  •  3 Comments

Cold Walk On The BoardsA couple enjoys a walk on the boardwalk, as snow from winter storm Janus clings to the shadows.


When the cold and snow hit Ocean City I'm usually pretty content to watch it from the comfort of my family room window. For the most part, the snow from winter storm Janus has melted away, so when my son asked if I'd let him drive us to the Ocean Bowl Skatepark, I saw it as an opportunity to come out of hibernation (if only for a few moments).

The snow had mostly receded, but some of it was still clinging to life in shadows, and drifts. I was quite surprised by the number of people that were actually on the boardwalk. The downtown arcades were open, and of course there was the ever-present line of customers lined up to get their Thrasher's-French-Fries fix.

It was a bit colder than I had anticipated (or dressed for), so I limited my walk from the Inlet to the north-side of the pier. That's quite enough for me, thank you very much. This is how things looked to me. Enjoy!

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Snowy Skater Oceanic MotelCold and desolate approach to the Ocean City, Inlet

Welcome to ocean CityThe tram station sits empty at the boardwalk's south end.

The View of Assateague Island Turn to Clear Vision

Looking North from Lifesaving Museum

Twin TwistTry a Trimper's Twin-Twist Haunted HouseThe Haunted House looks downright haunted! Ice Cream?All I'm seeing is ice! The Northern ViewLooking to the north from the OC Fishing Pier OC Fishing Pier With Snow in ForegroundDon't be fooled by the sunny look of the pier, it was very cold today. If you look closely, you can see snow in the foreground. Dumser's Dairy LandEven the seagulls are ready for the return of summer. Ocean City HotOcean City Hot...Not Tidal Wave Roller CoasterTrimper's Tidal Wave Roller Coaster Viewed from Beneath the Boards








Jerry Kiesewetter
Aquariann and Pamela - Thanks so much for your comments, and compliments. I'll be sure to check out your blogs too :)
Pamela J. Bates(non-registered)
found you via etsy blog team. love that shot of the bear and pier. you'd never even know it was winter except for lack of people. also the shot of the rollercoaster and jazz wall mural. really great shot.
Fun photos! I'm posting a photo of Milton's frozen pond for today's Wordless Wednesday that I took after happy hour in Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Small world, eh? I found you on Etsy Blog Team. ;D
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