A Reminder to Protect the Natural Beauty of Our Community

January 25, 2014  •  3 Comments

If you've lived in Ocean Pines long enough, then I don't need to tell you just how much the area has changed over the years. Some of it is for the better, but many of the changes have only served to detract from the natural beauty that has drawn so many of us to the area.

Here are a few photos taken in areas that have recently been severely impacted by our growth and development.

Trees and flowers lost in the name of progress.Cathage Road and Rt. 589Wildflowers and tall trees once grew here. It's all been lost for the sake of a new medical building. CLICK IMAGE to BUY in my Etsy Shop!

The photo above was taken last Spring. This is an area situated between the North Gate of Ocean Pines, and Rt. 90 (south of Cathage Road). All of this vegetation, and all of the trees have been cut away. There will soon be a new medical facility located here. That's all well and good, but I'm certainly going to miss the trees and flowers.

Bainbridge Park, Ocean Pines, MarylandThe trees and vegetation are now gone.

This photo was taken during the summer, at one of my wife's favorite spots for her daily runs, Bainbridge Park in Ocean Pines. All of the trees by the side of this beautiful pond are now gone. I suppose the area was in need of some manicuring, but there was no need to take away ALL of the vegetation. Those trees provided refuge to hundreds of birds, and other forms of wildlife. I'll bet that they also helped prevent soil erosion, and acted as a buffer against the run-off of chemicals, and pollution into the pond.

This post isn't intended to point fingers at anyone, or to make a political statement about growth and development. I just wanted to point out of few of the things that I'm going to miss as our community grows, and to remind us to think about our natural surroundings as we move forward together into the future.




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Jerry Kiesewetter
Amy - Thanks so much for your comment. I agree 100%! I love your blog, BTW! Very nice!


- Jerry
It is so sad when trees are cut down and nature is disturbed. :( When the weather allows, I hike as much as I can. It's strange when I go somewhere I haven't been in a while and notice trees are missing. I used to have a favorite hiking place just down the street from my house. It had kind of a trail interwoven between trees in a forested area. The last time I went back, most of those trees were gone! The whole feel of the hike was different. It's just too bad!
Jerry Kiesewetter
Do you have examples of loss of natural habitat in your neck of the woods? Feel free to share your links here. - Jerry
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