Madaline Lowicki - Welcoming a Newborn Baby Girl to the Family

January 21, 2014  •  1 Comment

My niece, Erika Lowicki, and her husband Shawn, had their baby, Madaline, on Christmas Day. After about 20 hours of a hard, and exhausting labor, Madaline was delivered by C-Section. Not exactly the way that a girl (or guy) wants to spend Christmas Day, but the fruit of her labor certainly made it worth all the hard work. As excited as Erika and Shawn were about their new arrival, they couldn't help but be a little bit disappointed when they were told that the hospital's camera was out-of-order. Uncle Jerry (that's me) saw this little bit of bad news as an opportunity! I wanted to give Shawn and Erika a set of photos, that would, hopefully, be a lot more meaningful than the generic photos that the hospital spits out by the hundreds per year.

Having never photographed a newborn (indoors) before, this was a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a photographer. My wife helped me gather up a few props (blankets, and toys); while I collected my flash, light stand, umbrella, lenses, and lots of batteries. We packed up the car, and headed off to Salisbury. I'm usually a bundle of nerves before a photo shoot, but Erika and Shawn made me feel totally at ease. Since I was shooting these photos for a family member, I didn't feel any of the pressure that I usually put on myself. We totally had a blast!

Here are a few of the photos from our session. I hope that you enjoy them!

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Shawn and MadalineThis is what happens when Dad holds the baby!




tess bredice(non-registered)
Great Photos Jerry, What a beautiful baby. You did an excellent job capturing her expressions.
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