Enter at Your Own Risk - In Search of Abandonment

February 04, 2014  •  6 Comments

Private PropertyI really should follow the rules.

Country Drive on a Winter Day

Though my coffee and comfy chair tried to persuade me otherwise, this morning I finally convinced myself that it was time to get out of the house and go take some photos. With no destination in mind, I grabbed my camera, my coat, and a pair of heavy boots, I fired up the car, cranked up the heat, and headed off to find some back roads.

With no destination in mind, I headed North on Rt. 13 towards the Delaware line. Stopping for a traffic signal on Peerless Road in Showell, Maryland, I obeyed my urge by the urge to make a left on Peerless Road. Of course, I've traveled these roads many times before, but the mood and emotions evoked on each trip change with the seasons; And today definitely felt like winter.

I love to photograph the old, the abandoned, and the forgotten. I imagine all of the souls that frequented these places in days gone by. I'm not superstitious, but I swear that sometimes it's as though I can still hear them there...begging to be remembered.

Here's a look at what my camera an I saw today. I played with white balance, curves, and saturation today, as if to try to breath some warmth and light into an otherwise cold and dreary set of photos. I hope that you enjoy them.

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ClicheYou can't have a camera near a train track without taking at least one of these. The Hay is in the Barn?Long-forgotten hay falls out of a decaying barn loft.





Love the name and the pictures.
cathy hastings(non-registered)
I look forward to viewing your photography I never know what I will see and tonight as I view your pictures I see the little country church that I went to when I was a little girl I remember walking every sunday to this little church with my brothers and sisters I loved ringing the church bell we sang in the choir and we lived right across from the little country church on the corner across the road was the community house where we played baseball and we rode our bikes to the old country store there in showell childhood days are the best days of our lives and living in Campbelltown with my family was just that the Best.......
Jerry Kiesewetter
Cristal - Thanks so much for visiting, and for the kind comment!
Beautiful photos. I love your theme of abandonment, and the austere colourlessness of winter certainly fits. Visiting from your post at Etsy Success.
Jerry Kiesewetter
Clare - Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment!
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