Giving Away My Photos for FREE - My First Week with Unsplash

December 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

I've quietly decided to give away some of my favorite images for FREE. They are available (in all of their high-rez glory) for anyone to download and use as they wish on Unsplash.


Sweet Appaloosa


Founded by the cool people at Crew, Unsplash has created quite a stir in the photography community; and in the process, is changing (for better or worse) the face of stock photography. What started out as a Tumblr page, has evolved into one of the best sites for downloading top-quality stock photography on the internet. Curated by a team of design pros, the photography that shows up on the "new" page, and in their curated collections are truly stunning.

In less than a week on Unsplash, my photos have been viewed more than 80,000 times, and have been downloaded more than 260 times. What will they be used for? I'm not sure, but I can't wait to see the places they might crop up.

The bottom line is that I hope they bring joy to the end user, and inspire others to get out there and start creating. Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to be giving away high-resolution, FREE for all uses copies of all of my work, but there are many photos sitting on my hard drive just collecting "digital dust", and I'd rather see them enjoyed, used, and finding their way into the creative work of others. 

Horizon at 8th and the Beach


So this brings us to the big question: Is it a good thing, or a bad thing for photographers to give their work away?

For me, the jury is out, but I think the exposure outweighs any possible monetary losses. Who knows what might happen?

Maybe someone influential discovers my work, likes my style, and wants me to shoot their next campaign. I can still dream, right? If someone chooses to use my work, I only ask that they are kind enough to share a link with me, so I can enjoy it as well.

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Jerry K

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I understand the tension, but I also want to thank you. I am a writer, and Unsplash has helped me actually create a PRETTY platform for my writing.
I used your photo, your profile caught my eye when I was copying it for the credit, and I decided to check out your page. I am really glad I did. Here's how one of your photos was used:
I wrestle through the tension of art, business, money, lifestyle constantly. I suck at pushing for the money part, while simultaneously understanding the devaluing of work and art and humans when certain work is not compensated and thus even more devalued. I mostly write poetry so no one will probably ever pay for it. I don't know where that leaves me, I just keep exploring.
However, maybe the payment of Unsplash is free marketing as well?
I need to get my site linked up better, but I keep telling people about it. Hopefully that, in turn, will lead more people to you.
All the best. And so much gratitude! THANK YOU.
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