SantaCon 2019 - Ocean City, Maryland

Polar Express Couple

Santa Claus

Biily and Gabby Wilkins

Santa Claus

The Cork Bar, Ocean City

Another SantaCon has come and gone! My wife and I always have so much fun at this event every year, and 2019 was no different. It’s great to see all of the friendly people, and festive costumes on display. Everyone is is always happy and very well behaved. We did, however, see one “Bad Santa” get bounced from the Cork Bar at about 3pm.

What was the best part this year? We were home and asleep by 10 pm! If you’re looking for an excuse to visit Ocean City, Maryland in the winter, make plans for SantaCon 2020!

My photography setup is always pretty simple…

Nikon D7000 -

Nikon SB700 AF Speedlight -

Senior Prom 2019

Not Sure How This One Got In Here?

Where does the time go? My baby girl is about to graduate from high school! This little girl makes us so happy, and we are thrilled to see the beautiful smart woman she has become! She used to let me take pics all the time, but now it’s pretty much limited to proms and special events. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get. Here are a few shots of her, and her boyfriend, Gavin.

These were pretty simple images. The studio shots were a Thunder-Gray backdrop with one flash. The outdoor shots were one flash on a light stand.

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If you have any interest in the equipment that I use to shoot this stuff with, here are the basics:

Nikon D7000 -

Nikon SB700 AF Speedlight -

Westcott Umbrella -

Cactus V6 Flash Triggers -

Meet Cayden Lee

Welcome to the World

Few events in our lives are as special as welcoming a new baby to the family. The birth of a child is truly a life-changing experience that marks the beginning of a wonderful new story.

This weekend I had the great pleasure of meeting my niece’s new born son, Cayden Lee. I’d like to thank Megan and Connor for inviting my wife, Cathy, and me over to meet the little one. As luck would have it, I brought along my camera.

I hope that you all enjoy the precious moments that I captured during my short visit…Be sure to scroll through the entire collection. You won’t be disappointed.


Mommy and Cayden


Cayden with his name blanket

Bow Tie Baby

Mama’s Kiss


Daddy Time

Sleeping peacefully

Daddy’s Kisses

Peaceful Slumber

Connor and Cayden

One Week


Poking and Proding


Look into my Eyes

Leader of the Pack

Home Sweet Home

Aunt Cathy

How’d this get in here?

The Gift

Megan and Connor,

Please consider these photos my gift to you. I’ve uploaded them all to a private gallery on my website for your enjoyment. Feel free to download them, share them with your friends and family, and print whichever ones you like. If you’d share this blog post with your friends that’d be awesome too!

All My Love,

Tio Jerry

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